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co3bstats3Being somewhat of a fan of stats and data I was looking through my SOUNDCLOUD to see how the new singles I uploaded in 2016 were performing among the community of listeners who follow me on there.

As I was clicking through the data something jumped out which was a tad unusual in the figures, a remix I did of ‘SETTLE THE SCORE FT. KYLIE AULDIST‘ by Australian group COOKIN’ ON 3 BURNERS from 2009 was rapidly becoming one of my MOST STREAMED TRACKS OF 2016.


Why you may ask? (As I asked myself!) Well, the track ‘THIS GIRL‘, also originally released in 2009 by the group, was given a rather jolly 2016 house remix by French producer KUNGS, and in the process has been topping the singles charts across EUROPE (Number 2 in the UK, Number 1 in FRANCE & co3bstats4GERMANY)* since it began receiving mainstream support from February of this year on the radio and various social networks.

While I am not immediately privy to current downloads and streaming information (Kudos Distribution & Freestyle Records hold that), I can deduce from my own data that my remix has had 22.9% MORE STREAMS IN 2016 (ALREADY!) THAN 2015 AS A WHOLE (285 in 2015 – total – and 655 up to from Jan 1st 2016 to 11/07/16) on my SOUNDCLOUD with the UK, FRANCE, NETHERLANDS & GERMANY (places where ‘THIS GIRL‘ topped the singles charts) being the most popular place where listens have arrived from.


I concluded that this must be one of the ripples off success being felt from the splash of pan EUROPEAN SUCCESS of ‘THIS GIRL‘, which presumably has piqued an interest in all things COOKIN’ ON 3 BURNERS, as there would be no other immediately obvious reason why people would investigate a remix I did 7 years ago. In fact, more likely, there would be a decline or outright flat line at this point in terms of streams given we are so far away from the initial release of the remix in 2009.

To listen to said remix (and thus distort the figures!) check it out at my SOUNDCLOUD – HERE!!

* Source – Official Charts Company

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Photo by Jack Kirwin -JK Photography-

Well, we’ve only just about got over what was an amazing start to our new residency for YOU DIG? at the wonderful DEAF INSTITUTE in MANCHESTER.

A massive thanks to everyone who made it down and to all the staff at the venue for making us feel so welcome!!

A big thanks also to JACK KIRWIN PHOTOGRAPHY for these splendid snaps too… much better than my grainy camera phone efforts!

The £4 advance tickets are already on sale for our next event on FRIDAY 6TH MAY | 11-3 with of course DJs SIMON HAM & DIESLER.



Photo by Jack Kirwin -JK Photography-Photo by Jack Kirwin -JK Photography-Photo by Jack Kirwin -JK Photography-


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DieslerCCOct15CCinterviewA great start to Friday which, annoyingly for any on looker, will result in a smile being plastered over my face as I woke up to a CRAIG CHARLES interview calling me one of his favorite club DJs!

Check MARK DALE‘s full SKIDDLE article HERE


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Excited to announce that my remix of German producers ANCIENT ASTRONAUTS and their track ‘CRESCENT MOON‘ is out today on SWITCHSTANCE RECORDS on VINYL & DOWNLOAD as part of their ‘TALES FROM TOMORROWLAND‘ compilation.

You can check my remix at my SOUNDCLOUD and you can check the full compilation at the SWITCHSTANCE BANDCAMP.


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