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Free Track Friday #4

Well yeah. Been well over a few months since I gave anything away so I thought it was time to change that!! So please come and get a free download of a remix I did for Belarusian art project ‘Free Theatre’.

I gave their track ‘Eurepica’ a bit of a manic espoinage feel – my attempt at a Roy Budd score or something…

To go get your download please head here;


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Free Track Friday #3

Its not often you can cram such a varied selection of styles together but with the hip hop maestro Pharrell Williams, the Latin maestro Ray Barretto, the break beat maestro Feature Cast and, er, me brewing up for them all we bring to you the 1000 degree boiling H..O..T.. mega mash which has already seen over 250 downloads and over 1,000 plays so far. Oh yes, its about time you got yours too!!

(click on the link below)

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Free Track Friday #2

As we creak open the door of the vault again out rolls this remix I did for Unforscene (pictured below). With the original track taken from their popular Tru Thoughts LP ‘Fingers & Thumbs‘, here is your chance to grab my remix of ‘Dangerous‘!!

Check it out & grab that rascal here;

(over 200 people already have!!)

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Thank You!!

Just a quick post to say how chuffed I am with the response to the free downloads which celebrated the relaunch of the site!! With lots of kind words, internet radio support (and even speaking about it on Dutch NTR Radio 6 too) over a combined 350 downloads in 2 weeks has made me dance a jig!!

Be sure if you haven’t got it you can get it here;

Please feel free to share with friends and anyone who could enjoy it too!!

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