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Chillout MasterpiecesRather excited to say that my collaboration INTO THE WOODS with BRAZILIAN artist CARLA ALEXANDER features on the first CHILL OUT MASTERPIECES compilation by FRENCH collective HOT MIX RADIO.

You can check the full compilation, which also features BONOBO, MR.SCRUFF & QUANTIC SOUL ORCHESTRA, via iTUNES!!

The compilation is OUT NOW via WAGRAM MUSIC.


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midriotWell it’s not often you get to work with one of your musical heroes, but somehow I managed to do just that as I worked on the track AFRO FUNKY with the one and only YAM WHO?

Featuring the vocal talents of ANDRE ESPEUT, the track is part of the RIOT IN LAGOS compilation and I wanted to sign post your ears to it directly as I think it’s pretty darn funky!!

Check the track HERE!!


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DYCafeDelMar22Dave Lilley and myself have been dancing a jig and a half of joy over the weekend as DOUBLE YELLOW – FEED YOU (AMBIENT JAZZ ENSEMBLE REMIX) was released on the legendary CAFE DEL MAR series, Volume 22 no less, based on the famous IBIZA bar.

Available on CD and DOWNLOAD you can get your lug holes around the whole comp by heading over to the CAFE DEL MAR WEBSITE!!


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Ancient Astronauts InstYou asked for it (I think), they did it (for sure!).

Finally hitting the digital streets is the INSTRUMENTAL collection from the recent ANCIENT ASTRONAUTS remix compilation THEMES FROM TOMORROWLAND.

Released on the wonderful SWITCHSTANCE RECORDINGS outta GERMANY, the compilation features a lucky 13 tracks, all vocal free, including the remix I did which, to be fair, was instrumental to begin with, so another outing for that!

Curious to hear it? Head over HERE!!

Curious to buy it? Move over THERE!!



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