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Shapes Yellow


Shapes Yellow

Tru Thoughts (TRUZEB 002)

  1. Jumbonics – “Bubble Drop”
  2. Playgroup Games by TM Juke on Tru ThoughtsTM Juke – “Playgroup Games” (Diesler Remix)
  3. A Day In The Life Of Mr Jones by The Limp Twins on Tru ThoughtsThe Limp Twins – “A Day In The Life Of Mr Jones” (Natural-Self mix)
  4. The Turning Point by Nostalgia 77 on Tru ThoughtsNostalgia 77 – “The Turning Point”
  5. For The Haters by Dirty Diggers on Tru ThoughtsDirty Diggers – “For The Haters”
  6. Rock It Right by Life on Tru ThoughtsLife – “Rock It Right” (Mr Thing mix)
  7. Walking Through Tomorrow by The Quantic Soul Orchestra on Tru ThoughtsThe Quantic Soul Orchestra – “Walking Through Tomorrow” (TM Juke mix)
  8. Why Don't You Pay Us A Visit by Headcase Ladz on Tru ThoughtsHeadcase Ladz – “Why Don’t You Pay Us A Visit”
  9. Out To Lunch by Flevans on Tru ThoughtsFlevans – “Out To Lunch”
  10. Just Check It by Digitek on Tru ThoughtsDigitek – “Just Check It”
  11. Mishaps Happening by Quantic on Tru ThoughtsQuantic – “Mishaps Happening” (Quantic Beat mix)
  12. Downtime by Diesler on Tru ThoughtsDiesler¬†– “Downtime”
  13. Tanto Faz by Maga Bo on Tru ThoughtsMaga Bo – “Tanto Faz” (Quantic mix)

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