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Shapes E.P. Z


Shapes E.P: Z

Tru Thoughts (TRUEP 088)

Polar Pair vs Madaslinky feat MC Karolina – “Over My Head”
Out Of Sight by Polar Pair feat Talisman on Tru ThoughtsPolar Pair feat Talisman – “Out Of Sight”
Mishaps Happening by Quantic on Tru ThoughtsQuantic – “Mishaps Happening” (Prins Thomas edit)
Bungee Jump Against Racism by Nirobi & Barakas on Tru ThoughtsNirobi & Barakas – “Bungee Jump Against Racism” (Diesler Mix)
Walking Through Tomorrow by The Quantic Soul Orchestra on Tru ThoughtsThe Quantic Soul Orchestra – “Walking Through Tomorrow” (TM Juke mix)

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